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The Moderator Information Post! Must Read!!!!!111

This is how you play the game!

We want an update post on your character's journal on levels, money, location, and items you have and have equipped, preferably once a week.
To gain levels you must go through a dungeon. In dungeons you can also get items and fight monsters. We will do a practice post on dungeons in the next few days explaining it.
We have started a shop at shopkeeper75shopkeeper75, you may go there to purchase things with the money you will eventually have. Once you have items you may use them or sell them to another character or sell them back at half price to the shop. The shop will sell better items as the game progresses.
This is the list of characteristics that your character has, how you increase the levels is up to you: Strength, Defense, Magic, Magic Resistance, Speed, Luck, Hit, Resilience. Here is a basic explanation of each skill.
Strength-How hard your character will hit with a weapon.
Defense-How much damage you will take with a hit.
Magic-How hard you will hit with magic.
Magic Resistance-How well you are protected against magic.
Speed-How fast you move effects dodging and how many hits you give.
Luck-How lucky you are.
Hit-The chances of actually hitting the enemy.
Resilience-The higher your resilience the more you can avoid getting a status condition.
We want the statistics listed on your character's bio page, think of this as the status page. For each level you get 5 point to use toward what ever skills you want. For example if you are level two you have 10 points to use
Lv. 2
Str. 0
Def. 1
Magic 0
Mag Res. 2
Speed 3
Luck 2
Hit 0
Resil. 2
Bow and Arrows, Swords, Axes, Pole Weapons-These are just broad catagories feel free to elaborate. You can start out with a default weapon that you don't have to buy but it can't be super strong god weapon. You can also fight with your bare hands if you feel the need.
Weapon Levels:
The more you use a certain type of weapon, the better you get at it. This means you can buy better weapons of that type.
There are two types of magic; healing and fighting. Healing includes healing spells obviously and status upping spells. Fighting magic is of course fighting magic.
Magic Levels:
Same as weapon levels you just gain stronger spells that you don't have to buy.
Your character can only have three types of abilities. Example: Swords, axes, and Fighting magic. Or Healing magic, Fighting Magic and Swords. If you have less than three then the skill level increases faster.
Consists of Gold and Silver, gold worth more, 10 silver to one gold. You gain money by fighting monsters, finding money in treasure chests, or by selling items.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, leave a comment.

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