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Kami no Hoshi

The Quest for the Prince of the Paper Stars

Paper Star
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Map courtesy of Secret of Mana by Squaresoft.
1. Dead Man's Cave (Dungeon){Urban Center}
2. Mountain Dungeon {Urban Center}
3. West Port (Urban Center}
4. Casseiopeia (Capital City){Urban Center}
5. Old Hermit's Hut (Small Town){Urban Center}
6. Crimson Falls (Water Dungeon){Urban Center}
7. Clementi (City)(port){Urban Center}
8. The Lyra (Forest) {Farm Land}
9. Cygnus (Farmer's Community) {Farm Land}
10. Hero's Peak (Dojo) {Urban Center}
11. Andromeda (Capital City)(port) {Neighboring Kingdom}
12. Belisan Springs (Natural Spring) {Urban Central}
13. The Wasteland {Wasteland}
14. Fire Marsh (Dungeon){Wasteland}
15. Snow Fields (Dungeon){Ice Continent}
16. Force of Seasons (Forest Dungeon){Forest Continent}
17. Aquila (Capital City)(port){Forest Continent}
18. Sepheus (Abandoned Kingdom) {Forest Continent}
19. Isle of Cyrus (Island)(port){Island Kingdom}
20. Relm of the Shadow Lord!(Castle){Forbidden Continent}
21. Final Destination! (Dungeon){Fornidden Continent)