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Hawky sent me. *nods* So I have very little idea of what this place is, other than it's got something to do with roleplaying. Since I'm utterly obsessed with roleplaying...Here I am. If you're an oldbie from the PPC you may know me, and yes I was Varda in those chats. Yes, I really am Morgoth's stalker/minion, and yes, it's my fault Pippin's head- heads? Regrow.

Erm...I'm an artist who is currently experimenting with her hair. (This week, red! Next week- Purple!) I'm fourteen years old and can be extremely sarcastic and cynical.

I consent to being called Blayze, Blayzy, Blayzy-chan, Tree, That tall girl, meanie, Macky, Zoomer, Chez...

Heck, call me anything you want and I'll probably respond.

Erm...Well...I usually RP on Neopets (Yes, with Hawky, my 'big sis') so I don't much care how long things take.

Other than that, you're on your own.
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