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Lauriel almost fainted again, and would have, if the man had not come forward. She didn't recognize him from the caravan, but then again, she didn't know most of the people that came on the search. The dragon had turned to face the man, leaving Lauriel alone for the time being. Now it was time to take action. Stumbling backwards, she reached behind her, grabbing desperately for something- ANYTHING really.
All that she felt was grass, though. A few sticks as well; nothing worth throwing at the beast. She moaned in frustration and silently pleaded for the other man that had so bravely stepped in. He seemed to be holding his own rather well, for the time being anyway.
A farmer, one that had been too much of a coward to step forward rushed over to Lauriel, going behind the dragon's back.
"Milady- Are ye hurt?" he panted, checking her for wounds, though it was obvious she wasn't. The farmer was really more of a nuisance than a help, but the weapon he was carrying caught her eye. A pitch-fork. She eyed it for a moment, debating weither to ask him or not, and grabbed it out of his hands.
"Hey!" he cried, but didn't fight her. She turned back to the monster, stepping forward a few feet. The man had just cut a claw of the monster off with a bright sword, but it still didn't seemed phased. Blood was all over the man, and Lauriel didn't know if it was the Dragon's or not.
Again, making a rash decision, she rushed forward and thrust the fork at the monster's stomache. She didn't have a good angle, so the tool stuck just under the arm of the monster. The dragon paused, caught in a parry with the hero, who could barely hold up the weight of the thing on top of him.
The beast turned its head towards Lauriel.
"What now?" it sighed, pretty confident for bleeding all over the place. Lauriel couldn't speak, knowing that she probably didn't help, and that she had generally sealed her own fate. At least her parents would be sad for kicking her out though, right?
Still, Lauriel didn't respond, but the monster attacked her with the only part of him that wasn't occupied with the other man: it's tail.
The long smooth attachment wrapped around Lauriels waist, pulling her off the ground, like the farmer a few moments before. She screamed, but it was cut off as the tail wrapped around her tighter. The monster was trying to sufficate her rather than throw her.
Lauriel couldn't breath. She pounded her fists on the tail, even clawing at it, but the grip only tightened. The girl began to panick, and not just because she was almost out of breath. She was starting to feel really cold. Was this what dying was like?
Several yells came from around her and a grunt from the dragon. The grip loosened, but the tail was stuck to her now - with ice!
Finally able to breath again, Lauriel grabbed at the tail, trying to keep herself from falling, though she didn't think she would. Her fingers were covered in ice and the tail was too. But Lauriel didn't feel cold anymore. As a matter of fact, she felt wonderful. She grinned like an idiot and rubbed the ice against her face.
The tail was still moving, but it was so stiff that the only real movement was at the base, where the tail was connected to the rest of the body.
"What-" the hero started, finally spotting Lauriel.
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