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It would still be a few hours until the troop reached the city. Darkness was settling in on them, and the driver wouldn't have kept going, except he could see the lamps of the wagons ahead of them. There were almost no houses now, and the ones that were there were hard to see because of the many trees lining the side of the road. Lauriel was finding it hard to believe that they were getting closer to the one of the biggest cities in the country.

The seats felt very hard underneath her, and the bright colors were preventing Lauriel from closing her eyes and falling asleep. Besides, she couldn't because the dread of leaving home had finally gotten to her. Moving out of the house and into the tavern was one thing, but leaving the town completely was another. At least she still saw her parents on a weekly basis, then, and they did slip her a little money through the barekeeper. At least she thought they did.

Lauriel wondered if her parents even knew she had left. It's not like she took the time to write them a note or to visit them or anything. Now she felt a little guilty. But then again, she was her own person now! Lauriel didn't have to ask her parent for anything anymore! After all, they DID throw her out.
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