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*crosses fingers* Here we gooo! (You all will also have to tell me if this style is okay. We can still change it!)

Lauriel ran to the last wagon in the caravan, arms over running with books, cloths, and other small trinkets. Finally! She was out of here! With almost no money or food... The smile on her face fell as she finally reached the moving vessel.

"Miss Mikin, we didn't think you would make it!" the old woman offered her hand to the young girl. Lauriel tossed her things up into the box and grabbed on to edge of the wagon. With a little help from her friend she got on board quite safely. The inside of the cart was painted red, while the outside was a faded green. It almost made the riders wince, but it was the cheepest cart they could find and it served its purpose. Besides, the seats were pretty comfortable, if that counted for anything.

Other than Lauriel and the old woman, there were two other girls and one man in the cart. Even with so few people it was over crowded. As a matter of fact, Lauriel was lucky to even get in, but her old friend had helped her at the last minute.

Hopefully they would not be under these conditions for long. The ride to the city, where they would meet up with other groups of people going out to search for the Prince. Maybe Lauriel could find someone else to ride with.

She sighed.

"I'm kind of excited to get out, but at the same time, I don't want to leave home. I wish my mom hadn't made me go." The old woman patted her shoulder.

"All chicks must leave their nest sometime," she commented, but it didn't make lauriel feel any better.
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