lauriel mikin (lauriel_mikin) wrote in kami_no_hoshi,
lauriel mikin

EDIT: [About 5 years before current time]

Lauriel rubbed her eyes sleepily, woken up by someone pounding on her door. Usually she didn't get customers this early, but she had served quite a few exceptions. Rolling off the pile of blankets (that served as a bed) on her floor and flinging the rest off the top of her, she finally managed to stand up. Lauriel wiped her eyes again and yawned, stumbling towards the door. Before opening it she tried to flatten her hair and straighten her rumpled clothes. The girl might have taken time to change if she had another outfit to wear.
The streets were still dark and she ended up squinting at the stranger in her doorway before inviting them in. Suddenly she realized that there was a candle that had been purchased at the market just the day before. Lauriel usually didn't get so lucky, but she had had a good week of fortune-telling; apparently a pleased merchant that had come only a week ago was spreading her praises. All the better for her.
Quickly, she lit the candle, turning so it was placed between her and the newcomer.
"What can I do for you?" she finally spoke, glad her voice didn't crack. She began to shut the door behind her.
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