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Okay, because apparently no one really cares, but Jenn thinks we need to start up again anyway, here's my rules because almost no one else contributed (Big thanks to Hawky, who did!)

>Please update a frequently as you can, even if it's only a few lines.
>Try to use the best grammar you can, though I'm sure we won't be having a problem with that.
>No playing God, i.e. controlling characters that aren't yours. Even something as simple as a reaction to something your character does. Tedious, but worth it, I assure you.
>Post as much as you want on your personal journal, but not too much if you want people to read it. Use it like a diary if you want to disclose specific feelings towards other characters or something. First, start off with a bio, please. Physical, personality, and history, if you don't mind. You don't have to be really specific.
>If your character wants to do something in response to someone else (i.e. conversation) post a reply to their post. Handy, isn't it?
>Anything else I left out? Leave a Goddamned comment.


Finally the apple blossoms had begun to reveal themselves, leaving the land in a sort of overcast harmony. No wars had taken place for many years, thanks to the wonderful Prince of the Paper Stars, and neither had the exploding population gone without enough food. This winter had been harder than the last, to be admitted, but under the rule of such a wonderful guardian each person had survived. But now a great tragedy had struck the land. Not only was the Prince of the Paper Stars missing, but also his entire court and kingdom that had sat above them, watching. His castle that had once donned the hillside was completely gone, a bare hole covered in rocks left in it's place. It had been sudden; one night the valley had gone to sleep under that mantra, the next morning awoke to horror. Who had done such a thing, and why?
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