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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
5:04 pm

Five Years Before Present Time
Creater in the Sky. The Cloaked figure was right.

Lauriel had rushed to Hero's peak after the ominous warning and low and behold, her grandfather's old friend (who was like her own grandfather) was sick. He was the master of the Dojo and couldn't leave, but there was only one other person there that could have possibily gotten help. It was also impossibly for him to leave, though, because the way down was far too trecherous. It was said that the Dojo was easy to access, but only the most skilled warriers left alive. Lauriel decided to chance it, though, because he was too worried about Priam's health.

As she anticipated, it was easy to get to. She was also lucky that she had brought herbs and other healing decives with her or else she only would have arrived in time to see her old friend's demise. Eventually he regained all of his strength and was more than grateful to Lauriel, although still in wonder that she had known of his sickness when there was no way to get word to the villages at the foot of the mountain. She had blessed the nameless figure for that, but she was still unaware of the trouble he could cause for her.

After the miraculous healing of Priam, Lauriel found herself in another predicament. She had climbed the mountain easily, but even Priam himself did not recommend she try getting to the bottom alone. He offered to teach her for a little while so that she would be able to return to her village and continue her job. Lauriel accepted happily and began studying the art of magic and a little combat under her new teacher. She was a pretty good student, but she was too old to really be taught too much, but she had enough skills to mostly master the simple moves that Priam had to teach. Eventually, after four years of hard training, Lauriel decided to leave the mountain, though it was still dangerous for her.

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9:48 am

5 years ago to present time

The figure passed through Cygnus, the farmland. Farmers worked in the fields all day, some waved to the figure as it passed. The farmers would say that the figure didn't stop just went straight to the Wasteland, and they watched the figure walk until they could see him no more.

What happened in the Wasteland no other living mortal know but the figure, and that is a story for another time. But suffice it to say the figure received what it had gone to the Fire Marsh for. None had seen the figure leave the Wastelands, but the next any saw of him was in Aquila.

Present Time

The figure put the book in his robe walking away from the over plump merchant. "Pleasure doing business with you," the merchant yelled after the figure, counting the coins in the purse.

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
11:05 am

Five years before present time.

The figure had left Cassiopeia after talking to the fortune teller. But that had been weeks ago. Now the figure wandered through the forest of the Lyra. 'It doesn't even seem like I'm going anywhere,' thought the figure. 'It does all look so alike."

Fighting the way though branches and undergrowth the figure came to a river. Walking up to the rocky shore the figure wondered 'Now how am I going to get across this?'

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Sunday, October 30th, 2005
12:35 am - The Moderator Information Post! Must Read!!!!!111

This is how you play the game!
Read this now!Collapse )

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
7:27 pm

Callin slipped into a tavern. Business had been good, and she had decided that a real meal would be a good thing for once. Looking around, she caught the eye of a serving girl and took a seat at a table near the bar.

A few minutes later, she was eating hungrily and unobtrusively observing the other patrons. The place was a little too seedy for anyone with a lot of money, but good enough for most of the poorer honest folk. That's why she liked it, after all. Good, hard workers out for some relaxing and completely unaware of the thief in their midst.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:14 pm

Completely OOC (if that wasn't obvious):

After having a talk with my other self (the one that wears pants) we've decided that this RPG would be simply awesome if we tried to get it more visual. For example: posting pictures on your journal of what your character might look like, weapons you may use, where you live, etc. etc. etc. Anything is great. And what's even better is if you're not an artist at all, you can find pictures that are already done and just change them a little (tell us where they came from, though.) Any questions? I embrace them. And feel free to post whenever you want to.

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
9:41 pm

EDIT: [About 5 years before current time]

Lauriel rubbed her eyes sleepily, woken up by someone pounding on her door. Usually she didn't get customers this early, but she had served quite a few exceptions. Rolling off the pile of blankets (that served as a bed) on her floor and flinging the rest off the top of her, she finally managed to stand up. Lauriel wiped her eyes again and yawned, stumbling towards the door. Before opening it she tried to flatten her hair and straighten her rumpled clothes. The girl might have taken time to change if she had another outfit to wear.
The streets were still dark and she ended up squinting at the stranger in her doorway before inviting them in. Suddenly she realized that there was a candle that had been purchased at the market just the day before. Lauriel usually didn't get so lucky, but she had had a good week of fortune-telling; apparently a pleased merchant that had come only a week ago was spreading her praises. All the better for her.
Quickly, she lit the candle, turning so it was placed between her and the newcomer.
"What can I do for you?" she finally spoke, glad her voice didn't crack. She began to shut the door behind her.

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
5:24 pm

Okay, because apparently no one really cares, but Jenn thinks we need to start up again anyway, here's my rules because almost no one else contributed (Big thanks to Hawky, who did!)

>Please update a frequently as you can, even if it's only a few lines.
>Try to use the best grammar you can, though I'm sure we won't be having a problem with that.
>No playing God, i.e. controlling characters that aren't yours. Even something as simple as a reaction to something your character does. Tedious, but worth it, I assure you.
>Post as much as you want on your personal journal, but not too much if you want people to read it. Use it like a diary if you want to disclose specific feelings towards other characters or something. First, start off with a bio, please. Physical, personality, and history, if you don't mind. You don't have to be really specific.
>If your character wants to do something in response to someone else (i.e. conversation) post a reply to their post. Handy, isn't it?
>Anything else I left out? Leave a Goddamned comment.


Finally the apple blossoms had begun to reveal themselves, leaving the land in a sort of overcast harmony. No wars had taken place for many years, thanks to the wonderful Prince of the Paper Stars, and neither had the exploding population gone without enough food. This winter had been harder than the last, to be admitted, but under the rule of such a wonderful guardian each person had survived. But now a great tragedy had struck the land. Not only was the Prince of the Paper Stars missing, but also his entire court and kingdom that had sat above them, watching. His castle that had once donned the hillside was completely gone, a bare hole covered in rocks left in it's place. It had been sudden; one night the valley had gone to sleep under that mantra, the next morning awoke to horror. Who had done such a thing, and why?

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
12:02 pm

Mmk. Jennie apparently thinks we need to get this going again, so here's what we're going to do. Please leave any comments to this post if you want to participate or have any suggestions for what we should be doing. Reguardless of what comments we have, something will eventually happen before Friday (October 7th.)What we should think about:

>Something to do with Kami no Hoshi. Last time it was the Prince of the Paper Stars and it was a quest. Remember?
>Time/place/style/magic involvement
>What kind of characters people can be
>Change people from the last time
>Involvement of personal journals

If you think of anything else, feel free to post it.

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1:51 am

Okay. Look.

Let's get this goddam RP started before I throw something. We've been trying to get this thing off the ground since July. Can we maybe plan it out and start?

'Cause really. I luvs all of you, but let's get this started. ^_^

P.S.—disregard the icon.

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Monday, May 30th, 2005
10:26 pm - Erm...Hi?

Hawky sent me. *nods* So I have very little idea of what this place is, other than it's got something to do with roleplaying. Since I'm utterly obsessed with roleplaying...Here I am. If you're an oldbie from the PPC you may know me, and yes I was Varda in those chats. Yes, I really am Morgoth's stalker/minion, and yes, it's my fault Pippin's head- heads? Regrow.

Erm...I'm an artist who is currently experimenting with her hair. (This week, red! Next week- Purple!) I'm fourteen years old and can be extremely sarcastic and cynical.

I consent to being called Blayze, Blayzy, Blayzy-chan, Tree, That tall girl, meanie, Macky, Zoomer, Chez...

Heck, call me anything you want and I'll probably respond.

Erm...Well...I usually RP on Neopets (Yes, with Hawky, my 'big sis') so I don't much care how long things take.

Other than that, you're on your own.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
11:46 pm

Okay. It looks like we only have three actual people on the board so far. Give me another week to talk to some people IRL and try to get this thing up and running. Sorry, everyone!

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
2:58 pm

*ahems* Well, kids. This RP has died. Melissa suggested starting up another (different) one. I suggest that you get everyone you can to join and also to start thinking of new ideas that everyone is going to like. And also if we should change the layout.

Please reply/post something so we can know you want to join in. Post a link on your journal, too, and let's see who we can get. Also, it's okay if you want to use the account that you have now or if you want to get a new one, like myself.


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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
9:11 am

"Well, I suppose we could use you then, in our convoy..." suddenly a man stepped forward. He had evidently been listening to the two people's conversation. The hero turned and gave the new man a hard look.
"Excuse me, sir, but who said I wanted to help you?" he seemed offended, but he still talked honorably.
"Well, I think that all of us would benefit if we joined forces..." The man was dressed in flowing linens, and had a bag of gold visible at his belt. It seemed he had had more then his fill of starchy feasts and interaction with fine ladies, but the lord at not been at the scene of the attack. Lauriel glared at him over Taran's shoulder.
"I'm sorry, but I work alone." Taran turned around, and began treking down the road, from where the monster had come. He felt that he should have stayed and at least help the group start again, but he was too angry now to.
"Hey! Wait up!" Lauriel began running after him. She grabbed his shirt to stop him. "I'll come with you! If you just wait for me to get my things from that wagon.." she pointed back to her transportation.
"I said I work alone."
"But, surely you won't mind one more person..."
"I assure you I will."
"I can hold my own. It's not like I'm depending on you for food or protection..." She was streching the truth with that one, but she figured if she could take down that beast, she could fight against a few bandits.
"I'm not stopping." Taran kept his word and continued down the road.
"Great! I'll be right back!" Lauriel took off in the opposite direction. As she got to the end of the line, Lauriel could see her old friend trying to get out of the cart. Lauriel abruptly halted her and helped her back in.
"Everything's fine! You should be starting again shortly..." she grabbed her sole bag from under the seat and jumped back out of the wagon.
"What? Where are you going, Lauriel?" the woman leaned forward again, trying to stop her.
"I've found someone who is serious about finding the prince of the paper stars. I'm going to travel with him for a while. I promise to find you later..."
She ran past the cart again.

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
9:24 pm

Taran frowned and dusted his hands off. The beast was dead, to be sure, but he did not like the manner in which it had been killed. He had seen a bit of magic in his time--used some, even--but nothing like the girl had used. He shivered.
"Damage control, Taran," he chided himself. "She herself may be a threat to the caravan."
Carefully, he ambled over to where the girl stood, and asked of her: "What is your name, girl?"
"I am called Lauriel," she answered evenly.
"Where did you learn to do such a thing as that, Lauriel?" he asked, pointing to the corpse of the dragon.
"I do not know," she replied, sounding vaguely giddy.
Taran swore inwardly.

ETA: This was supposed to have been posted in the community. Unfortunately, I seem to still be inept at using lj. >.< My apologies.

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9:02 am

(*stabs self repeatedly in head* Since, I am the only one updating, I would like you all to know that I will continue to update on kami_no_hoshi until the END OF TIME. Which means only the people who help me have any say in the story line. Not that any of you really care. Come on guys. Throw me a freekin' bone.)

"Where did you learn to do such a thing as that, Lauriel?" the hero asked her, after the monster was effectively dead. He had learned her name a moment earlier.
"I do not know," she answered, completely honest. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and by the look of the other man, it was not normal.
Nothing in her past came to mind at all. No ice covering the barn when it was summer. Her food had always been warm enough for her. Lauriel had never experienced the warmth that had accompanied the ice, either, and it seemed strange to her that such a feeling would accompany the opposite destruction. Why would she feel warm if ice was leaving her fingers? It puzzled her.
The man opposite her sighed. Lauriel turned back to him, disrupted from her inner thoughts.
"And who, sir, are you?" she asked him skeptically. He had asked Lauriel questions, but hadn't answered any yet.
"Taran Fenna. What are you doing here?" Taran's answer was curt, and his question promp. He seemed to be trying to pick her apart with his eyes.
"I-" this man was making her nervous. She took a deep breath and tried to give him a confident answer. "I am on a quest. To find the Prince of the Paper Stars," Lauriel said hautily. "What in the world are you doing here?" She asked in the same voice.
"I have come... to..." Taran trailed off, furrowing his eyebrows. There was a soupy silence for several seconds before he continued, echoing what Lauriel had said earlier.
"To find the Prince of the Paper Stars, I suppose."

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
9:55 am

The figure nearly fell off the branch. He grasped the tree.

"No," he whispered. "Not the dragon slayer."

He watched the dragon slayer down in the chaos. "This isn't good." He climbed down the tree quickly and disappeared into the forest.

*Not that 'he' does not mean I am a guy, it's just easier to write with*

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
1:12 pm

Lauriel almost fainted again, and would have, if the man had not come forward. She didn't recognize him from the caravan, but then again, she didn't know most of the people that came on the search. The dragon had turned to face the man, leaving Lauriel alone for the time being. Now it was time to take action. Stumbling backwards, she reached behind her, grabbing desperately for something- ANYTHING really.
All that she felt was grass, though. A few sticks as well; nothing worth throwing at the beast. She moaned in frustration and silently pleaded for the other man that had so bravely stepped in. He seemed to be holding his own rather well, for the time being anyway.
A farmer, one that had been too much of a coward to step forward rushed over to Lauriel, going behind the dragon's back.
"Milady- Are ye hurt?" he panted, checking her for wounds, though it was obvious she wasn't. The farmer was really more of a nuisance than a help, but the weapon he was carrying caught her eye. A pitch-fork. She eyed it for a moment, debating weither to ask him or not, and grabbed it out of his hands.
"Hey!" he cried, but didn't fight her. She turned back to the monster, stepping forward a few feet. The man had just cut a claw of the monster off with a bright sword, but it still didn't seemed phased. Blood was all over the man, and Lauriel didn't know if it was the Dragon's or not.
Again, making a rash decision, she rushed forward and thrust the fork at the monster's stomache. She didn't have a good angle, so the tool stuck just under the arm of the monster. The dragon paused, caught in a parry with the hero, who could barely hold up the weight of the thing on top of him.
The beast turned its head towards Lauriel.
"What now?" it sighed, pretty confident for bleeding all over the place. Lauriel couldn't speak, knowing that she probably didn't help, and that she had generally sealed her own fate. At least her parents would be sad for kicking her out though, right?
Still, Lauriel didn't respond, but the monster attacked her with the only part of him that wasn't occupied with the other man: it's tail.
The long smooth attachment wrapped around Lauriels waist, pulling her off the ground, like the farmer a few moments before. She screamed, but it was cut off as the tail wrapped around her tighter. The monster was trying to sufficate her rather than throw her.
Lauriel couldn't breath. She pounded her fists on the tail, even clawing at it, but the grip only tightened. The girl began to panick, and not just because she was almost out of breath. She was starting to feel really cold. Was this what dying was like?
Several yells came from around her and a grunt from the dragon. The grip loosened, but the tail was stuck to her now - with ice!
Finally able to breath again, Lauriel grabbed at the tail, trying to keep herself from falling, though she didn't think she would. Her fingers were covered in ice and the tail was too. But Lauriel didn't feel cold anymore. As a matter of fact, she felt wonderful. She grinned like an idiot and rubbed the ice against her face.
The tail was still moving, but it was so stiff that the only real movement was at the base, where the tail was connected to the rest of the body.
"What-" the hero started, finally spotting Lauriel.

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
5:24 pm

Once Taran had decided that he wanted to return to questing, it did not take long for him to gather the necessary implements. With the money he had saved from last year's crop, he was able to buy a horse that was, if not as well-bred as his last mount, reliable, and a sword that while not nearly as "nice" as his last had been, would do what he needed it to--namely, keep him safe from whatever he might find on the road. Thus prepared, he locked his front door, told his neighbor that if he watched the horses, he could have whatever he could harvest, and set off down the road, reasoning that with a few day's travel, he could easily catch up with one of the many caravans that had already left.

As it would turn out, he was right. He did catch up to one of the caravans--just as it was being attacked by a dragon.

"Bloody hell," swore Taran, dismounting from his horse. "I expect they'll want me to kill it." Muttering darkly to himself, he tied his mount to a tree by the halter, and strode over to where the members of the caravan were watching in horror as the beast killed two of their number.

"Excuse me," he said, tapping a man who he thought to be the leader (he was dressed more richly than the others). "If I might be so bold as to ask, are you in need of assistance?"

The man gaped at him. "There's a great bloody dragon attacking my wagons, and you ask if I need assistance?" he hissed. "Yes! By all means, go, let yourself be killed. Two have died already; at least you're not one of my number."

Taran smiled slightly. "Perhaps you did not recognize me? My name is Taran Fenna, also know by the name Taran Dragon-Bane."

"Oh," said the leader, apeased. "Then, I wish you luck."

Taran shrugged modestly, as if to say, "Who needs luck?" and pushed his way to the line of men waiting to fend off the fell beast, arriving just in time to see another of their number--a girl, this time--rush forward and charge the fell beast. He sighed. "Look's like it's time for me to create a diversion," he murmured. Swinging his sword, he jumped in front of the girl, and began to taunt the great beast. "Hey, you! Dragon!" he cried.

His plan worked to perfection. The dragon turned from the girl from the caravan to instead the man taunting it. "Here we go," thought Taran, and biting his lip, raised his sword, preparing to take on the dragon.

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1:39 pm

Suddenly Lauriel heard screams coming for the front of the train, and her wagon stopped dead in the middle of the road. She froze for a second, panicking with no idea of what to do. Some sort of action needed to take place, she was sure. But no one ever said that she would be in any sort of danger, or have to fight monsters! The only skills she had were singing and sewing; and she couldn't even sew that well!
The old lady next to her asked "What's going on?" and Lauriel took a deep breath. She stood up, the first to make any movement since the stop.
"I'll go see," she said bravely, assuring herself that the prince would never marry her if she were a coward. Lauriel's feet shook as she slowly made her way to the back of the cart.
She practically fell out the back, barely catching herself on the edge. The girl could hear more of the noise coming from the front of the train, now. Screaming and some sort of roaring coming from no more than ten carts up. She took another deep breath and headed around the side of her own wagon that she had been riding in for what seemed like eternity. Lauriel had never felt more brave in her life, and she didn't like it.
The hundered steps it took her to get to the front of the line seemed like it took less than a second of time, and soon enough she had a full view of the scene. There was a huge orange dragon-moster standing in front of the lead cart. A few farmers and one knight where surrounding it, each looking like they were about to faint, and Lauriel thought that she would as well. The first move made was by the knight, in an act of bravery, lunging at the monster; an attempt to slay it apparently. The monster let out something like a laugh and lowered it's horns, easily killing the armoured man. While the knight was being a distraction, a smart farmer took action and came up behind the orange beast, but the long tail curled around his legs and threw him far into the forest. He screamed the entire way. No one else dared to step forward after the first two men were dead.
The beast laughed again, throwing his head back and speaking, something that surprised Lauriel more than its mere presence.
"Is that all you mortals have for me? Not even a loose scale! Surely you will not find the Prince of the Paper Stars with a band like this!" Several of the surrounding men look offended at this comment, but still no on stepped forward.
"Very well, I shall still rip you to pieces anyway." The monster suddenly jumped forward upon saying this comment and crushed a wagon with a huge foot. Several more yells came from the wagon, but stopped quickly. There was no way these villagers could have survived an attack like that.
Lauriel gasped and, before thinking about it, ran forward.
"Stop that!" She yelled angrily at the orange dragon. He turned on her and she finally realized her mistake. Her face changed from anger to terror and she began to back up as the moster came foward, a piece of the wagon still stuck on his pointed claw.

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
2:23 pm

Wind whipped around the shadowed figure in the trees. The figure watched the caravan pass by below, each wagon bumping noisily on the ruts in the dirt road.

"More silly fools thinking they can find what no one else can," thought the figure. "Pampered children who rely on their parent's old heroes to save them. I doubt any of them have ever fought anything in their lives."

The figure stood up on the tree branch as something went roaring over head. Looking up the figure grimaced, "This will get interesting." As the creature overtook and landed in front of the wagons
Read more...Collapse )

*So there. This is Lissa, so yeah. Have fun.*

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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
8:49 am

It would still be a few hours until the troop reached the city. Darkness was settling in on them, and the driver wouldn't have kept going, except he could see the lamps of the wagons ahead of them. There were almost no houses now, and the ones that were there were hard to see because of the many trees lining the side of the road. Lauriel was finding it hard to believe that they were getting closer to the one of the biggest cities in the country.

The seats felt very hard underneath her, and the bright colors were preventing Lauriel from closing her eyes and falling asleep. Besides, she couldn't because the dread of leaving home had finally gotten to her. Moving out of the house and into the tavern was one thing, but leaving the town completely was another. At least she still saw her parents on a weekly basis, then, and they did slip her a little money through the barekeeper. At least she thought they did.

Lauriel wondered if her parents even knew she had left. It's not like she took the time to write them a note or to visit them or anything. Now she felt a little guilty. But then again, she was her own person now! Lauriel didn't have to ask her parent for anything anymore! After all, they DID throw her out.

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
8:48 pm - Persuation

This is Jenn, in case you somehow missed that. Taran Fenna would be the name of the--er, "dude" that I'm using to RP with.

"How now, farmer. I am looking for Taran Fenna," cried a man's voice, from across the field.

Blinking, Taran looked up, expecting to see perhaps one of his fellow farmers. Instead he found himself staring down a cloaked and hooded rider on horseback. "I am Taran Fenna. What is it you desire?"

The rider threw back his hood, revealing a haggard face. "I am called Blaez," said he, "I am in need of a hero."

Taran laughed, a free and easy sound under the wide blue sky. "I am a hero no longer, master Blaez," he answered. "I am as you called me--a farmer."

"I was told that you are--were--the best," insisted Blaez. "I find myself requiring someone of your--reputation."

"I am not the best, master Blaez, nor was I ever," said Taran soberly. "The best of heroes do not move to remote villages to farm."

Blaez frowned. "Perhaps you did not understand me," he said carefully. "I need you."

Taran smiled back. "I think it is rather the opposite. I tell you that I have given up my heroic ways, and yet you try again to persuade me into letting myself be hired by you."

Blaez dismounted, rather quickly, Taran thought, for someone of such obvious age, and before the younger man could protest, had grabbed him by the collar. "Taran Fenna," hissed Blaez, "I know things about you that you would rather remain unsaid. I remember what happened to make you stop being a hero."

Taran could not help himself. "What," he retorted, "the broken promises and bad pay, not to mention the constant threats against my life?"

"No," snapped Blaez, "The incident involving the lord's daughter."

Taran gave him a level look. "Master Blaez, I do not seem to recall an incident with any lord's daughter. Perhaps you have had too much wine, or perhaps your age gets the better of you."

Blaez climbed back onto his horse. "Very well. They are already leaving, you know," he called to Taran. "Soon, you will be left behind, regretting refusing my offer."

"Who are leaving?" inquired Taran, truly curious.

"Those searching for the Prince of the Paper Stars," answered Blaez, digging his heels into the side of his mount and riding away.

"The Prince of the Paper Stars," mused Taran. "How strange. I wonder why the old wolf wanted to hire me."

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
1:12 pm

*crosses fingers* Here we gooo! (You all will also have to tell me if this style is okay. We can still change it!)

Lauriel ran to the last wagon in the caravan, arms over running with books, cloths, and other small trinkets. Finally! She was out of here! With almost no money or food... The smile on her face fell as she finally reached the moving vessel.

"Miss Mikin, we didn't think you would make it!" the old woman offered her hand to the young girl. Lauriel tossed her things up into the box and grabbed on to edge of the wagon. With a little help from her friend she got on board quite safely. The inside of the cart was painted red, while the outside was a faded green. It almost made the riders wince, but it was the cheepest cart they could find and it served its purpose. Besides, the seats were pretty comfortable, if that counted for anything.

Other than Lauriel and the old woman, there were two other girls and one man in the cart. Even with so few people it was over crowded. As a matter of fact, Lauriel was lucky to even get in, but her old friend had helped her at the last minute.

Hopefully they would not be under these conditions for long. The ride to the city, where they would meet up with other groups of people going out to search for the Prince. Maybe Lauriel could find someone else to ride with.

She sighed.

"I'm kind of excited to get out, but at the same time, I don't want to leave home. I wish my mom hadn't made me go." The old woman patted her shoulder.

"All chicks must leave their nest sometime," she commented, but it didn't make lauriel feel any better.

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10:04 am

Hello everybody! This is Jessee! Read my biography! Maybe I should just post it.

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